HitFilm Movie Essentials Pack for Vegas Pro 17

Could you please make an update on this. With Vegas 17 it doesn´t work.

Many thanks.



  • Do you have any news on this topic?

  • @best4ever It will be fixed in the next update of VEGAS Pro 17.

  • Vegas 17 installed but Movie Essentials still not working.

  • I should have said update to Vegas 17 installed.

  • It appears that the problem arises because of recognition failure, not incompatibility. Is there any change of a fix?

  • @best4ever @MikeReason Sorry, I have looked at this again and the HitFilm Movie Essentials pack is not supported in VEGAS 17.  The reason why is that MAGIX is the one distributing it and they did not want us to update it. If you contact MAGIX directly and ask them for the pack to be supported in VEGAS 17, they might change their mind. Providing there's enough people interested I'm sure it would then be worth doing an update.

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