HitFilm for Drone Footage - A Live Stream

Clear your schedule! This Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019 at 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST I will be a special guest on the Coast 2 Coast Live Stream. I will be there to talk about using HitFilm on drone footage. Please stop by, even if only for a few minutes. It would mean a lot to me!




  • Here is the link to the livestream... set your reminder now!
  • @FilmSensei ; Hey, thanks for that link.  I was going to do that this morning but got distracted by storms in our area and forgot to go on YouTube. :)  

  • @tddavis You bet! I will be talking HitFilm to a audience of drone enthusiasts. I've known Bill (The channel's owner) for years since he is a HitFilm user and has often times asked for my help with it.

    I watched last night's live stream, and the special guest was Jaqcui Sandor, the founder of "Diversity in Drones." DiD is a global organization of advocates that encourages people of all abilities, skills, genders, ages, and races to come together and learn how to fly drones. It was born out of an online bullying incident that she personally endured in the drone community. After it happened, her local drone group came together and supported her in creating the organization. The best part is, she uses HitFilm for all her video needs!

  • 5 more days!  Gawd... how painful...looking forward to Bill's stream with a Hitfilm legend. I've neglected dropping in on Bill's channel the past few month so this will be a real treat for me 👍 

  • Don't Forget! Tonight I will be a guest on the Coast to Coast "Drone Therapy" Live Stream. 8:30pm EST. I will be there to talk about using HitFilm on drone footage. Hosted by Bill Thomas, Ethan Mitchell will also talk about color grading your drone footage. Set your reminder now!


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    Tell Bill this  is the kinda racing drone footage I wanna play with.. :-)


  • I knew he was around here somewhere...just couldn't remember his tag...of course...

    @CoastToCoastDrones  - Bill - you gotta any footage like the above we could play with?

  • Yes Please @CoastToCoastDrones . It would make for some pretty awesome dogfights. :)

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    Thanks everyone for tuning in. We definitely need to get these guys to give us some footage to create a Star Wars style dogfight! :)

  • @GrayMotion ; There was one piece of footage (the time sped up one) that could come really close to some of the shots in that video.  That was amazing!  @CoastToCoastDrones ; Thanks for mentioning me last night but I was so embarrassed to be included in the group of HItfilm guys :)  They do so much better and are far more prolific than I.

  • We can easily get you any of that style footage you need. 

    Check out our friend Benson Kalahar 


  • Oh my gosh!!!, Oh my gosh!!!, Oh my gosh!!! Yes please. You've no idea what my imagination is doing right now. :)

  • @CoastToCoastDrones That is really sweet footage!

  • @spydurhank @GrayMotion @tddavis I have spoken with Benson, the creator of the footage above, and he is willing to provide some raw footage for you guys to play around with in you would be interested.

  • Yes please @FilmSensei , Thank you. :)

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    @FilmSensei ; I would certainly love to have some footage for just in case, but I'd be doing a disservice to it with my pitiful attempts. 

    Edit:  That is some sweet footage above!

  • all Benson's stuff is like that ... He's a super nice guy and is very willing to help and be involved !!

  • Thanks @CoastToCoastDrones , when you guys mentioned drones and X-wings in the same sentence... immediate explosion of ideas.

    It'd be interesting to see what everyone does with the same footage. :) 

  • that would be kewl !!

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    Maybe we should start by getting a small clip of footage first, say only 5 or 10 seconds long, and work at trying to make something of it. Perhaps we should let Benson pick it since he knows his footage better than anyone. Then we can play around and see what we come up with. What do you guys think?

  • @FilmSensei ; Sounds like a well reasoned idea.

  • I only mentioned everyone doing their own thing with the same footage to test skill involving even a single shot because this type of thing spans the entire 3D pipeline from creation to completion. I say no limitations on the software and stock media that we use so we can use purchased or free assets. 

    To really test myself.., 5 seconds is pointless and takes no skill, 10 seconds is simply a tad too short, to show or build anything good, plus I want to put something together that I can create an awesome breakdown for. :)

    20 to 30 seconds is more like it, or even higher if we really wanted to test each others skill. Basically I want to do the footage and myself justice. :)

  • Would love to get everyone on the show after the creative process ...maybe even a string of shows to give progress reports ..brainstorm ... hang out !!  LOL

    All the guys I hang out with can get a variety of footage. Camera drone shots ... FPV ... HD 4K   all tech geeks ..all with a million and 1 devices to play with involving  photo or video  ... 

    have a group on facebook under the same name ...just join and ask for footage ..you'd be surprised how many would prolly want to help out.

  •    underwater footage ...got another friend just getting into that also 


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