No effects on 3D Unrolled layers - Is this a bug or just a logical part of it?

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Hey guys,

OUT OF CURIOSITY, cuz I'm absolutely rubbish when it comes to 3D Camera stuff.

I flipped a layer accidently to 3D Unrolled and it stripped the layer off of its masks and Neon path effect.

Is it normal that 3D Unrolled throws off the effects from a layer? 



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Correct. 3D Unrolled layers cannot have effects applied. 

    Unrolled would rarely be used on planes. It applies more to embedded Composite Shot (with 3D layers) models and particles. 

    A 2D layer (including models and particles) immediately renders its pixel data then passes to the layer's effects. This of course means they Composite in layer order.

    3D Unrolled really came in HF3. The 3D unrolled layers are calculated, but not rendered until Hitfilm hits a 2D layer or the top of the image stack. However, this means they don't get their layers effects.

    HF 2017 added more advanced tools - Depth Matte, Depth Map and Depth Layer controls. 

  • Appreciated!

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