Exporting separated segments HF3P

Segmenting a video in 63 different parts, I need to export them separated.

So far the only way I discovered is manually setting the working area in every segment before exporting.

Interested to know if there is a way to just tell HF3 to export the segments separated.


  • As far as I know, there is not. Even in current Hitfilm versions, there’s nothing quite like that. I don’t think you’d find it in other software either. What newer versions of Hitfilm DO have is the Export queue. This allows you to set the in and out points around a section, send it to the queue, then keep on sending your different sections to the queue. Then you can go to the export screen, hit the button, and it would export all the files without any additional input from you. If you’re in the mood, things have improved a ton since HF3 days, but do what’s best for you.

  • Thanks @triforcefx for your help.

    I'm using HF very rarely but I find it useful for various work, so far I was not pushed enough to upgrade anyway. Nice being able to batch export in the new release. 

    The feature it's in fact available out of the box in Davinci Resolve  except the fact I returned to HF since the standard free version is lacking some basic fundamental features such as lens correction and also the latest release didn't work with my dual GPU (from different vendors) setup, and again I have only a project specific need that didn't convince me for investing in the Studio version.

    Also I didnt like they real name in forum policy, since being this kind of activities only a minuscule part of my job I didn't want my professional name puplicly associated with a specific tool just why is the only one in the world pushing my name in the wild. So I just asked yesterday for a complete deletion of my account. 

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    I'm confused. I'm assuming it's the RESOLVE forum asking four your real name?

    But, yeah, HF3 doesn't really have any kind of batching. Current version does.

    @triforcefx there are other NLE's that make things a little easier for segment batching. As davide said, Resolve can do it. So can Vegas Pro (although Vegas requires on to define "Regions" for each segment, first, so it's about the same as sending batches to the HF Export Queue).

    Davide even though you're on Pro 3 and don't use Hitfilm enough to feel the need to upgrade to the current version, you could try downloading Express 12.3. That would get you the Export Queue if you wanted to try using that for segmenting. Also, most of the dedicated transcoders would let you set up a queue where you export only sections of the import file. Handbrake and MPEG Streamclip can. FFMPEG and VirtualDud should as well, but I'm not as familiar with those tools. I will say a transcoder will be harder to set up than an NLE, but the transcoder will do the actual rendering much faster.

  • In HitFilm versions with the Export Queue you can select all of your clips on the timeline, right-click, and send them to Export, which will do them separately.

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    @Triem23 yes of course speaking about Resolve forum. 

    Already looked at HF Express but lacking the lens correction feature, I think for this time I'll do the export by hand in HF3P, if I will need again will think how else do it.

    @JavertValbarr that's good to know thanks

    Anyway working on Resolve I noticed how fast it is, exploiting fully my 12 thread CPU, and both my GPU ( AMD driving the display, Nvidia doing the encoding) at least in v15. Curious to know if HFP did receive some speedup in newer versions.

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