Is there possibly an older version of Express that I could get...

My computer specs:

Toshiba Satellite L745

CPU - Intel Core i3-2350 cpu @ 2.30GHz

RAM- 4.00 GB

I am really trying to get into film creation and VFx. And I was able to open the current Express once... now it won't open at all...  so I was wondering if there is an older generation of HitFilm Express that I can get my hands on that could work at least a bit on my system. 

 I realize I need to upgrade, and I plan to, it is just going to take some time before I can afford a higher end PC.
Any help with this would be FANTASTIC. I really love what I have seen and I plan to eventually get the pro version for HitFilm as I love what I have seen possible through the amazing tutorials.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from any who replys.





  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    FXHOME is no longer issuing serial numbers for older versions of Express. IF (and this is a big if) you can find a copy of Hitfilm Express 2, that's the only version that I could say will run on your machine. You are under spec for all versions of Hitfilm from 3.0 and up.

  • Alright thanks so much for the incite... I'll take a look around.

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