Aligning audio with video

So I have footage with four sound sources: my boom mic, the camera's (my iPhone) mic, and two lav mics on the two actors. The lav mics have the best quality so I want to use those two audio files during the video. One problem: how do I merge both of those with the video in perfect timing? I know Hitfilm can do it automatically with one audio file but can it do it with two? I used a clapperboard to help with manual alignment but I'd rather work with just automated processes and tweak it after!


  • Hitfilm is hyper accurate about this provided that both audios do not suffer more then a 6 second gap ( I think?) 

    If they do, Hitfilm won't merge them. I'd throw the lav mics in Audacity and match the durations just incase.

    To answer your question,  Hitfilm MERGES the audio with the reference. So you'll get a MERGED file. One is replaced, one is not.

    So I'd merge one file. And manually sync the other audio source.

    I'm sure  other members who are smarter then me will weigh in on this one better. 

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