The best addition in Hitfilm Pro 13

So I have looked over all of the additions in Hitfilm Pro 13 and in this video I explain why the remove stock background effect is the best new effect in Hitfilm Pro 13:


I hope you enjoy it 


  • @Tyront ; Thanks for the video!   Good explanation of the different blending modes.

  • Great comparison, thanks for that. Keep in mind that Luminance Key, the old default option for removing black or white backgrounds, is also still a great tool for handling this with a good deal of control, and no blending alterations to the layer.  And it is available in HitFilm Express.

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    Don't forget Demult! But also, when will the 13 update be in Express? Really excited to see if the tracker is in it or not.(I heard some staff say it might be, so hopes are still up!)

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