what the hack ? Trapcode suite

When i installed the trial version of trapcode suite

whre must i put the files ? into which folder ? 

in the manual it doesnt explained  why ? 

i thought in version 13 it woudl be easier but no ;) 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm going to tag in @JavertValbarr but you might have erred here.

    While Hitfilm 13 will have some AE plug in capabilities, it's been stated that only certain plug-ins will work with Hitfilm.

    At the moment Red Giant lists Trapcode Suite as AFTER EFFECTS plugins. Trapcode does NOT say Hitfilm compatible and FXHOME has not announced Trapcode compatibility. 

    So, as far as I can say, today, the problem is you're trying to install something to run in Hitfilm that doesn't run in Hitfilm. 

    Unless someone with a STAFF badge tells you differently, my advice is try to get a refund from Red Giant. 

    Red Giant Universe is Hitfilm compatible. 

  • The start of AE plug-in compatibility  is targeted for 14.0, not 13.0.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @JavertValbarr noted. Thank you. 

  • okay sorry to confuse you 

    and many thanks for the answers 



    by the way "JavertValbarr" i love you ;) 


  • Oh there is a 14 version in the works, spoiler alert lol  @JavertValbarr It's so awesome to see this program catch up to AE in record time  for considering how small you guys are "with all respect" yet your a powerhouse to use :)


    The red Giant stuff would be epic to be able to use

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