"Peace and Tranquility" effect?


I want to re-create the "dotted rainbow afterimage" effect shown below:

I have absolutely no idea where to start, but I have Pro if it's needed.

Thank you in advanced! :D


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    First, the element you want to have an afterimage on needs to be isolated with a transparent background.

    After that, you'll duplicate the element to a second layer.

    On the BOTTOM copy, add a "Fill Color" effect then keyframe it so the colors change.

    On the BOTTOM copy you can add either the Generate > Clone effect or either Echo or Motion Trails from the Temporal effects group (all three are similar). One of those three effects will generate your afterimage.

    Set the Blend Mode of the BOTTOM copy to "Dissolve" and lower the opacity. This will "dot up" the trails.

    There are probably several other ways to do this, but it's the first way that came to mind.


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