Using with Windows 7

Greetings! I am thinking of downloading my latest Hitfilm 13 update. However, I am currently using Windows 7 on my computer at home. Hitfilm 11 seems to work mostly fine with it. I am not quite ready to get the Windows 10 for it - waiting to maybe update hardware, etc... Does anybody have any success stories with using the new version of Hitfilm with the older operating systems, such as 7, or do you all think I will be struggling with constant crashes, etc.. with going this route? 

Thanks a lot!



  • As long as your spec is within the requirements then it should work fine. I'm a win7 user and it works great. Just make sure Ur GPU drivers are up-to-date.

  • Thanks for the information Andy001z!! I will check into my GPU drivers. 

  • 13 runs fine on my win7 also. 

  • Cool! Thanks Charles. 


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