Crashing when canceling exports

I am having off and on issues when I cancel exports, When I want to remove unwanted exports or remove previous ones I already rendered my Pro 13 crashes, dose anyone else have this issue? I highlight what I don't need then press remove and sometimes press delete on my keyboard then a couple of seconds I get the error message and sending dump files to.


Dose anyone have this issue if so can you test it a few times see what happens? it happens each time I want to remove the list. I have uninstalled  and reinstalled this 3 times :/


  • Hi running HP Pro 13 here, and I have tested what you have said, no issues. Seems fine my end. Sorry check drivers and stuff.

  • Drivers are up to date on my end, I will uninstall it again and see if that helps, shame we can't upload photos on these forms

  • No u have to link to say Google drive or something. Try a new project, then clear the queue, then put a new comp in the queue and see if you can delete this.

  • @GarethOwen Please contact support. I don't think we know of any crash when cancelling exports. We will most likely need your project if you're okay with sending it to us.

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    I have just changed my project and re-opened a new now, I get the unknow in yellow exception message then it says error when I want to render a new clip. I can send a project file  but even if I start a new project from starch while opening Pro13 from the start.



    I have already contacted tech support who asked for a DxDiag Report

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