Foundry Camera Tracker Test Shots - Show Them Off Here!

Has anyone made any test shots using the Foundry Camera Tracking Effect? Please share them here! I would love to see them. I'll start. Here is a handheld shot of my dining room. I inserted a 3D plane where the picture is hanging on the wall and turned on reflectivity.



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    Oh, I'm working on one, but it's gonna take awhile... 

  • @Triem23 Well hurry it up! :)

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    Hmmmm... I'm really pushing things here. One thing about Camera Trackers, whether planar or point based - they're great guesses, but placing something is always going to be more accurate the closer it is to a tracked point. To do something where, say, a moving object passed right by the camera while the background plate is tracking things that are distant (like a helicopter shot) requires some refinement, because I'm getting ALL the jitter. ;-) This means I need the manual.

    EDIT Ah, I see your x-wing also jitters as it passes the camera. Yup. I'm having the same thing. hence the deep dive into the documentation.

  • That is nice. :)

  • @spydurhank Thank you.

    @Triem23 I believe the jitter is because I don't have a rock solid perfect track. Check out this test of the Matrix Bullet Shot where the track is albeit incorrect, but at least it's rock solid!

  • Excellent stuff! This is just what I need for the climax of my film. Hitfilm keeps winning :)

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    @FilmSensei I'm using some difficult footage for my test. A helicopter shot (not drone) close over some mountains. Lots of parallax, lots of things moving in and out of frame, and a fair amount of judder in the original clip. And, a zoom. As I said above, a difficult solve chosen specifically to force myself to dive into the manual settings (which reminds me - I should check the footage for camera/lens metadata)

    @WedgeOz dunno, man. You've shown yourself to be a master mocha tracker! Nah, Foundry is going to be easier for many shots. It's a nice bit of kit! 

  •  @Triem23 I will take a deep dive into the manual as well.

  • @Triem23 ; I also found a _1.0V10_AE_UserGuide.PDF &  a _1.0V10_UserGuide.PDF . They both say they are for the  CameraTracker 1.0 on After Effects, but the _AE_ document has a few less pages than the other one (I think the difference is in the Appendices). Does the 1.0V8 correspond better to the version used in HF?

  • Test shot for today... Check out my new ride! :)

  • Well I like the nice alignment of the shadow, but as you know the lighting on the car makes it look stuck there, and not sure the scale is right looks a bit small. However, nice solid track!!

  • @Andy001z Thanks. The lighting is definitely off, because it's just a white light (not natural). I never picked it out of the sky like I should have. It also doesn't help that it's a free model which I literally just dropped in there without any tweaking at all. I'm mostly showing off the track itself, which I thought came out amazingly well. I actually have this same shot with the Black Hawk Helicopter sitting there as well. As far as the size, the Lamborghini Aventador is actually not very big (Length: 4780 or 15 feet, 6 inches, Height: 1136mm or 3 feet, 8 inches), so I gauged it based the white car behind it (5 feet tall) and eyeballed from there. 

    This is the first shot where I used the "Normalizing" technique that Mike (@Triem23) turned me onto. I also gave as much information about the camera and the scene as I could to the tracker to dial it in.

  • Oh snap, oh snap, oh snap!!! Nice test shot @FilmSensei ,

    I know that I don't need to tell you of the potential you have for this type of shot but hot damn it is cool. I absolutely love match moves, they might just be my favorite thing to do.

    Anyway, you can really pimp this shot out if you want. :)

    You can if you want but you don't need math to solve for scale, just scale your car up by 30% to 50%, right now your car is about the same size as that parked white car to the left of your shot which in this case is the perfect thing to do to get a base scale. Simply scaling it up now will make it look closer to you. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @FilmSenei, yup, the track is solid. I'm still getting a little jitter on mine.

    But it's a little more elaborate.

    Still more to go into this shot. Besides just using the camera tracker to set up a ground plane, I've got a lot of those rocks with planes set up as deflectors. You'll see the explosion debris bouncing off the rocks...

    But, to reach way back to Hitfilm Ultimate 2, this is the third-ever shot I did in Hitfilm (first was a nebula, second was a mocha track and these two ships). Again, the point was to track in mocha and set up deflectors to have the explosion interact with the terrain. So, y'know, this X-Wing shot is kind of a sequel.


    I originally tracked this in Mocha because Foundry wasn't working, but I got a better track, and this is my first real shot with it!

  • @Triem23 , Those are awesome!!! :)

    Super solid track, very nice work @Vagabonding101

  •  @Triem23 Those look great! You said that was a shot from an actual helicopter? I hope you got to ride in it!

    @Vagabonding101 I agree with @spydurhank... that it a great, solid track for sure. It looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!

  • The first one I just tossed in a quick projection plane and two directional lights for each dragon, so that is the reasoning behind the shadow issues. But the track was well. The second clip in the video is drone footage from a DJI Pahntom 3 Pro again just a test to see if there was any bouncing to the airplane during the tracked footage and it seems to have done well. I might go back to that comp later and add in a shadow plane and tweak the grading some more. 


  • @FlyingBanana78 ; Oh, I am currently trying to track that landfill I borrowed from you a while back.  I never had any luck tracking it before to crash my Jupiter 2 into the field similar to your meteor trench.  A day late and all..  :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @FilmSensei. Stock footage. I didn't get to take that ride... But I have footage I took over Fox Glacier.... 

    @Vagabonding101 yup. Solid track. You lit the scene well, too. On my phone's small screen I had to look twice to realize what the composited element was.

    @FlyingBanana78 man your drone track is solid. You're not getting the jitter Jay and I have on our Star Wars shots. 

  • @tddavis I'm surprised you still got that vid, I really need to do more with the drone, haven't flown it in a long while, the batteries are probably in hibernation state at this point.

    @Triem23 Yeah I was surprised mainly due to the downward movement of the drone and the rotation that it stayed as solid as it did. The track was just using the auto settings then removing the unsolved and rejected trackers. Then selected as many tracks at the ground throughout the whole shot and set them to ground plane. The grid after creating the scene looked like a blanket with the footage. Now to test some handheld footage with zoom in it and see how it handles it.

  • Guys, I have a crap phone camera, how did you get that awesome footage? I want it. Do you guys have drones? Jello! 

  • @spydurhank I got a Phantom 3 Pro drone and that is where that airplane shot came from. That was when I first got it and had forgot to calibrate the camera which is why in the first half of the footage it was all tilted. The dragon one was just shot on a cheap HD Sony Handycam. I could share the drone footage but the full file size is 1.62 gigs. If you want it I can post it to google drive or something.

  • @FlyingBanana78 , That is a hard... yes please. :)

  • Amazing the interesting things you will find on an early American farm from the 1740s! :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Not so unusual. Daleks do have time corridor tech. 

    Is that this model from Turbosquid?


  •  @Triem23 I have attempted to find the location of this model online, and I am not able to. I usually note the URL where I find things in case I ever have to go back, but for some reason in this case, I did not.

    This model is in a group of models called "Dalek 2005 by Meurig." The models are Dalek - Black - High Detail, Dalek - Black - Low Detail, Dalek - Gold - High Detail, and Dalek - Gold - Low Detail. I found them for free somewhere... maybe here?

    In this sample shot I used the "Dalek - Gold - Low Detail."

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @FilmSensei ah, yes, I have those, too. Rigged and ready. 

  •  @FilmSensei it's kinda funny seeing a Dalek in that environment. Makes it seem to those that have no idea what they are were maybe some sort of washboard, toilet plunger/plumbing, clothes hanging all-in-one country folks tool. :) 

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