Texture Issues with 3D Model in Hitfilm Pro

I purchased https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/1226854 a while ago and since then I've been having trouble getting the textures to work in Hitfilm. I don't understand 3D Model texturing much so I'm not sure if it's user error but when I connect the textures in Hitfilm to the ones with the right name it just looks black (opacity is at 100%, yes). I also couldn't get textures to work in Blender so I'm not sure where the problem is, I could just be doing something wrong but. If anyone has those models or can offer any possible suggestions? Thanks. Can provide more info if I left stuff out.



  • How about a screen shot of the models properties window first

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    If images aren't showing right-click them and open in a new tab and it should work.

    Here's the model after importing:

    This is what the materials page looks like:

    So I relink the textures accordingly and increase opacity and I get this:

    I've also played with the advanced settings, trying every option (flipping UV coordinates and normals. But nothing.)

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  • @GrayMotion

    Okay here are the three photos:


    That should do it!


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    Um...if the model comes in black right away

    -> in the Models Properties/Advanced tab: set Normals back to default (Flip Normals, Unify Normals...unchecked) and set UV Mapping: Flip UV Coordinates back to default (unchecked).

    If the model still comes still comes in black go back to the Advanced Tab: Normals:Method: Generate Faceted + Auto-smoothing: Angle 12

    If it's still black the model is not optimized to work in Hitfilm.

    What to do:

    -> Import the  .fbx model into Blender 2.8 and then export the model as an .obj: Try again.


    -> download Autodesk FBX Converter and run the .fbx through the converter. Try again.


    -> Purchase Filmer with Hitfilm Tools from https://www.owmycgi.net/product-page/filmer-alpha-7-30-19-a. This custom build of Blender is specifically designed to work with Hitfilm. It is developed by the resident guru Spydurhank

    If the model DOES NOT come in black...then drop the normals map from the material slot

    There are simply some models that won't work out-of-the-box with Hitfilm and need to be "fixed". You could also ask Turbosquid to convert the model to obj for you.

  • @HeySiri ; If you cannot get any of the options GrayMotion outlined above to work for you and you are willing, I would be happy to try to get it imported into Hitfilm Pro 13 or Hitfilm Express 12.3 for you and get the textures sorted if possible.  I will not keep a copy of your paid model either.  It'll be deleted from my cloud drive as soon as you are happy with it and tell me to do so.  My email is terrydavis77@hotmail if you need it, but honestly one of the above suggestions should cover you.

  • @tddavis I will consider your offer a backup plan. In the meantime I’ll have access to Hitfilm in about an hour and I’ll try the methods listed above.

  • @tddavis I'm still having those problems if you'd like to take a look at the model. I'm running Hitfilm Pro 13. What was your email? Gmail said the one you provided was invalid.

  • @HeySiri ; That was a Hotmail add not Gmail :)  I did forget to put the .com on the end though, so terrydavis77@hotmail.com.

  • @tddavis - I see those are Unreal Engine models. If all else fails...load them up in Unreal and re-export them. That might work as well

  • @GrayMotion ; Good tip!  I may have to do that.  There is something weird with the textures in Blender.  It's calling for file names that don't exist much like that UFO I worked on a while back.  I was able to create a texture to fix that but this is a different animal.  I do see the whole mess when I import into Blender and flipping normals there was no help and not in the Hitfilm import dialog either.  I had about decided there was something wrong with the FBX export and you may have hit to problem.  I definitely will check out Unreal to re export.

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    @tddavis @GrayMotion @HeySiri texture filenames that don't exist? Siri, check on Turbosquid. The textures might be in a separate file download from the geometry.

    If you downloaded the Unreal version try FBX? 

  • @Triem23 ; What he sent me is an FBX and there are a lots of textures with it, but in the materials nodes slots in Blender it's not looking for those filenames but something else.  The biggest issue is the glass textures it looks for File1, File2, File3???  Has me bumfuzzled at the moment.  

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    @tddavis sounds like the original FBX conversion was messed up. 

    Siri, try the Unreal version. As Grey noted that can be reconverted in Blender. You can also ask Turbosquid. They're usually happy to convert a paid model. 

  • @HeySiri ; I am currently installing UE4 to see what that FBX does there, but I have to agree that there's something hinky with the conversion.  Did you download the Unreal version it mentions at TurboSquid?  If so, it might take you sending me a link to that on your google drive but I'll know more after this 7 GB download finishes :)  It's massive!

  • I’ve sent in a conversion request to Turbosquid

    @tddavis I’ll send you the unity format in about half an hour when I get to my computer!

  • @HeySiri ,

    Super solid tips from everyone already. :)

    Just looked at the model specs in your link, it looks just fine and should import correctly. Make sure the 3D object and textures are in the same directory. Best if you can open in Maya and check the model there because it has animations. 


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    @tddavis - I finally Googled this. It seems FBX from Unreal to Blender there  are plenty of known issues.

    Here one for example;


    I wouldn't worry about the filenames as much as getting the geometry right first. Remember that models made for Unreal use vertex colors that serve some function in a  game like a glow or an engine plume which is what you might be seeing in the file 1, 2 and 3.

    I think if you get the geometry right first HeySiri should be able to handle the textures on his own. 

    ps- I have never had any  luck with a Unreal model from others but I can use my own models that I export out of Unreal (like landscape)  FYI- every where I read Unreal .fbx files are a real pain to work with in other programs ;-)

     (read model contents from Turbosquid)

  • @HeySiri ; Good news...sort of.    It's not the FBX model.  It is the TGA files.  The diffuse map when opened in Paintshop is only half there.  When I switched to the "m" version which is colored like this image it is all there except there is Landing gear texture which is causing the yellow shield next to it in Hitfilm.  I will try lining out the textures in Blender and create a new map for the landing gear.  But it will be useful to check out that other format as well just in case.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fidfvp97xlfvb5z/hitfilm import scout ship.png?dl=0

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    @tddavis - I think those are red and green normals....they need to be combined to make blue.

    Question - you can import into Hitfilm without textures and it shows as "clay" model ok? 

    EDIT: You got more patience than I do when it come to fixing OPM's  :-)

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    @GrayMotion ; Oh, they may very well be, but it makes parts of the ship that appear as if they aren't there visible and it makes the cockpit glass show up too.  When I look at thew diffuse there's only about 1/3 the surfaces visible in Paintshop and that m map fills the whole canvas.  Not sure what's up there.

    I have not tried without textures.  I did have to adjust Opacity on a couple of the materials though in Hitfilm and I switched it over to Cook from Phong

    Edit:  Yes, if I delete the textures when I import into Hitfilm all the "missing" sections light up white clay-like so it's pretty sure a texture issue rather than a mesh issue...I think :)

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    @tddavis Well...there you go. I thought the first image he shared was just the model without textures.

     Wish it would have clearer in the beginning. Good luck re-texturing the model sir :-)

  • Wow! Lots going on here. If it’s a problem with the textures should I contact the person who made the model? Or will it work in Unity still (is Unity free)?

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    @HeySiri ; I just downloaded Unreal Engine 4 and it is free but so very complicated.  I noticed that there was supposed to be an Unreal project in that download.  I am not sure about Unity though.  Can you try opening the 'Ship_Scout_d.tga' and the ones from some of the other color versions if they are there and see if it is mostly transparent.  It is possible that it got corrupted in the download or upload to the cloud and the original is fine. You could try re downloading the textures and indeed if they are messed up you might try contacting the artist. 

    Edit: And be sure to tell them that there is no texture for Landing gear in the file.


  • @tddavis @GrayMotion POSSIBLE FIX?

    First of all, I'm an idiot. I realized I was applying the WRONG MODEL'S TEXTURES to the model... but when I applied the correct textures to it I still had the exact same problem. So, while I made a dumb mistake, the problem is still there haha.

    I was playing around with the textures a bit more. I redownloaded them but there was no difference between my original download and the new one so I don't think it was a corrupted download. So, I put the model back into Hitfilm and put the textures in and got this:


    But, I rearranged the textures a little bit. And got this:


    So, it's the "wrong textures" I guess but it works. So I decided to play around with the colouring a little bit in the .tga files themselves and:


    So it seems like I may have found a way to make this work... I'm really not sure what I'm doing though.

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    @HeySiri ; Well, you got it looking better in Hitfilm than I could get.  I did get it looking similar to your 2nd pix in Blender but for the life of me not in Hitfilm.  And your last sentence is so me!  When I get back home I will delete the files and I downloaded them here at my daughter's today while looking after the grandkids to play around with some more so I'll get rid of them as well.

  • I'm simply eyeballing here but now that I can see your posted pics, your textures appear as if they have something like roughness map, gloss map, metalness map, not sure which though, baked into the Red and Blue channels... possibly maybe even the Green channel. If you check there may even be emission maps or something else baked into those channels including the Alpha channel. Makes sense now, this is a game model yeah?

    You can do this in any 2D and 3D app but correct way is to use a 3D app. Separate rgb channels and bake or save out new textures to another format preferably something at high quality but use any format at your discretion. 

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    @spydurhank I'll be honest... I have no idea what anything you just said means...

    The model was meant to be used in games, yes. But I'm using it for my films.

    Edit: according to Turbosquid, the model has the followign textures:

    Diffuse, normal map, AO, specular, illumination, roughness (green channel in_m texture) and metallness (red channel in_m texture).

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    I believe what @spydurhank means by a 3D app...is something like Zbrush.

    I had a little time today before I leave for a 2 week project to research Unreal texturing and how they are handled. BTW - I should have warned @tddavis about UE4 being a pretty crazy animal to wrap your head around. To tell you the truth Terry I've only got as far as making landscape meshes and texturing them . Sorry bout that...

    I digress..

    Anywhooo...Heysiri - If you want to use these models and textures your are going to have to educate yourself on how texture maps, vertex colors and transparency is achieved in UE4 and Maya. To tell you the truth it's a pretty  deep subject for such a padawan as myself but you might be able to work it out in your head.

    Google is your best goto here - the confusion is deep though...for instance , as Frank mentioned , the red, green and blue channels of those maps you have work in conjunction with the vertex color channels of the mesh along with transparency, emissions roughness , metal..etc. Deeper confusion sets in when the conversations talk about diffuse maps being used as bump maps.

    I'm glad you've got as far as you did but this is out of my pay grade (and patiences) to delve into. Triem23 might be able to confuse you further or God forbid Tony shows up and really blows your mind. If you can coax Frank he might be able to shed more light (as he is a real pro too)...but be prepared for him to scramble your brain too ;-)

    Good luck sir

  • @HeySiri ,

    Ah okay. No worries.

    You have extra maps baked into your normal map which you can use and take advantage of to make your model look very nice indeed. You can extract those extra textures so that you can use them in Hitfilm if you want.

    If you don't want or need to extract those extra textures then at least convert the other textures.

    Simply, open your textures in gimp/Krita/photoshop and export them to jpeg, png, tiff or exr so that they work properly in Hitfilm. 


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