Unable to Fine Tune Text Attributes - Bug?

I have found that I am no longer able to fine tune text attributes in HitFilm Pro 13.0. What I mean is that the up and down arrows next to the Character and Paragraph properties under the Text Tab are no longer responding. I have included a short video showing what I mean...



  • I have noticed the same thing for the paragraph settings.

  • I've been playing with this a bit and can confirm the same behavior.  However, I've also found that if you just click in the box of the attribute you're trying to adjust (text size, for example) you'll see the number selected in blue and then the arrows work.

    Not ideal with the extra click in there, but that's what seems to work for me.


  •  Guys it gets worse, your right in the Editor when you add text to a plane, if you try using the little up and down arrows they don't do anything, the box does become blue but nothing changes until you click on the number, then the arrows and the values will change.

    2nd bug much worse, is if you create a new composite shot and then add text layer (using either the ADD Text in the comp or using the A tool and dragging out an text area box) then try typing you will find that the viewer hot keys will not allow you type out the full character set, for example you cant type i or < > . Seems they have not told the short cuts function that when in text box mode ignore these key presses. The bug does not feature if you just hit the A [text] tool start typing.

    Additional info, for some bazaar reason it started working, so I did a new Comp shot and bingo the new one has the same issue but the old one that was not working now works. ODD! I will email the project over to you guys.

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  •  @Andy001z

    While I believe the Shortcuts Bug was an issue in HitFilm 12...


    I cannot seem to get this to happen in HitFilm Pro 13. As far as I can tell, this seems to be fixed, so I am interested as to what you are doing to trigger the shortcuts while typing text.

    The top issue, however, I still am seeing. As @francisw19 stated above, it seems the only way to fine tune adjust the text attributes using the arrows is to first click on the attribute number to get it highlighted and then adjust with the arrows from there. Any reason why this changed, or is it simply a side effect bug that happened while something else was improved?

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