[ANSWERED] Hitfilm Pro 13 not displaying lifetime information for particle simulator

edited August 2019 in HitFilm Pro Support

tried highlighting the simulator and the emitter, tried on a simulator I was working on and had all ready made changes and tried using it on a new system, no joy.


  •  switched back to 12.3 and it still doesnt work, dunno whats going on.

  • Ok it seems to work once you click on something once you click under the particle systems submenu

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    This is normal behavior in the particle sim. Since a sim can have multiple emitters and each emitter can have multiple particle systems, and the Lifetime controls work on an INDIVIDUAL particle system, the Lifetime panel can't activate until a specific particle system is highlighted for editing. 

  •  oh I think I'm just not used to adjusting lifetime multiple times at a later date, and I usually do after changing my simulator

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