Project Timeline locked to 30 seconds for licensed version

We're considering switching from Adobe, but are stumped on this HitFilm limitation.
We have a 25 minute clip in the timeline.
HitFilm Express is licensed and verified. But no matter how we set the project length or comp lengths, the project timeline remains at 30 seconds. We can zoom in on the timeline but out - never more than 30 seconds. Playing the 25 minute clip we have in the timeline stops at 30 seconds.

I'm not talking export settings here.


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    Um, just checked how Express works.

    Out of the box.....The  editor timeline is set  default at 5 min. The composite timeline is default at 30 secs.

    Sounds like you made a composite (defaults at 30sec.) shot and dropped your footage there?

    Try right-clicking on the media you imported and select Make Composite Shot.

    Tested  with ver 12.3.0704 Express - Mac build

  • Thanks for the reply. If I switch to "Editor", I can see the 25 minute clip, but all comps are 30 seconds, regardless of how I create them as 25 minutes, or adjust the length to 25 minutes. They all seem locked to 30 seconds.

  • When you create the composite shot are you adjusting the duration or only choosing a template?

  • Thanks for the feedback. Apparently, the issue was a Windows 10 update. Sometimes, they cancel licenses to software that is bound by machine ID. This has also happened with audio software we have. Once HF was reinstalled, that seems to have cleared up the issue.

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