HFP 13 Foundry Camera Tracker Solve stats

Is anyone getting Solve stats? I have some shots that are causing problems and I assume it's due to a poor solve, but although there's one phase in the solve where it is gathering stats, I never see them.


  • I just started messing around with the Foundry tracker, and I do notice in its setting up phase it does mention solve statistics. I did however notice it does not give an overall solve number but each point that was tracked does give a solve quality if you hover over that point. One issue I am having is I guess the only way to multi select points to set for the ground level is strictly a box select and some footage I have tried it with I have run into the problem of not being able to box select a number of points to set as others that are not on the ground plane are in the way of the box select. Would be nice if there was a free hand or multiple click and select points to use. 

    The main video I am having issues with was in one of the FutureLearn classes that FXHome offered and it was of a warehouse and it is a simple camera pan down and at an angle. If I am not mistaken I do believe for the class it was tracked/solved by Foundry so I was trying to get the same results as they had gotten for the class but I am unable to get the ground plane situated (I can get it close but I believe it is cause some of the points I can't select due to the box selection method) 

    I am sure though however with this tracker being brand new to Hitfilm there will be a tutorial coming out in a short while.

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    @FlyingBanana78 I believe the Foundry Camera Tracker is ALSO the first Ae plug in running in Hitfilm - that the Hitfilm version is more or less functionally identical to the Ae. 

    So Ae version tutorials should be of value until an official one is released. 

  • The solve quality of each point is provided via a color code, and can be viewed via the Display menu in the tracker controls. Select one of the quality options, and check your points. Green is good. Red is not so good.

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    The Hitfilm manual has some information on the Tracker, but that section is still under revision.

    Here's the AE version's manual. Except for AE specific shortcuts it seems the Hitfilm version is identical.


  • This is like level one of AE plugins which is a great accomplishment already :) things will improve and get fined tuned with time, as I know the FX team will always deliver for us in the end :)

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