Color correction for entire timeline


I'm new with Hitfilm Pro and editing my first project.

My project is about 12 minutes and contains around 200 clips. Now I was searching for a method to place a color correction above the entire project.

In Premiere Pro and FinalCut this is solved by adjustment layers but I couldn't find it in HitFilm.

There are only adjustment layers in compositing mode but I can't make a composition of my hole project or is this possible?

Sorry if there is already a thread for this topic. Didn't found anything.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hitfilm unfortunately still lacks adjustment layers in the Editor. 

    For effects where the same thing is applied to all clips in the Editor, the current fastest way is to adjust the effect on one clip, copy the clip, select all the other clips, right click and select "Paste Attributes." This will paste the effect to all clips at once. For now it's the best workaround.

    It's not possible to convert an entire edit timeline to a comp shot for technical reasons. For one thing, an editor TRACK can have multiple media clips, while a Comp LAYER can have one. Average shot length today is under three seconds. So, for a 12 film with 20 cuts a minute (3 seconds, right?) you end up with 240 layers. Since each clip is its own layer, you totally destroy the audio mix--because the audio mixer works on TRACKS.

    Would be nice to have Grade Layers in the Editor Timeline. Hopefully in a not-too-future version? 

  •  Thank you for the quick answer.

    I thought about the copy and paste method too, but if want to change something after pasting it really gets complicated.

    I'll try  rendering the project without grading and re-importing it to HitFilm.

    Yeah, would be great if HitFilm will integrate adjustment layers in the editor soon. Especially because they claim to be an all-in-one solution for video making.


  • I agree Hitfilm needs this added very much so. After purchasing some additional color grading tools for Express I realized it was not possible to make a color grade adjustment layer for the whole timeline. 


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