Hitfilm 13 Pro Crashes On Start Up

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I installed Hitfilm 13 Pro and it worked fine then when I went to open a second time the software opens for a brief second then closes/crashes and I don't know why I tried reinstalling it then I opened it after reinstalling it   it worked but then when I tried using Mocha Hitfilm the software crashed I tried opening it again then it did the same thing, crash when I tried to start it up can someone help me with this problem please 


  • Ive been having issues with the 3d camera tracker, it works but chuggs and sometimes will crash. Also makes the hitfilm save file extremely large and takes a really long time to save.

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    System specs for both of you. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage. 

    Have you run all critical OS updates?

    Are your GPU DRIVERS current? Note you can NOT trust Windows to tell you if your GPU drivers are current - for example, after Nov 2018 Intel drivers MUST be updated thru an Intel utility. I suggest you assume they aren't and read this FAQ. 


    As far as the camera tracker generating large files... Yes. The tracker might track hundreds or thousands of points across hundreds or thousands of frames. Depending on the clip the tracker might be creating literal millions of data entries. This is to be expected. 

  • CPU: R5 1600x GPU: GTX1070 RAM: 32GB OS: Windows 10 1903 Storage: 500GB Adata NVME (read1500MB Write1000MB) tested all formats Hitfilm supports. AVI,MOV,PNG,EXR,MPEG. All of which seemed to have very tiny differences in tracking performance. I will say though that the tracker is very solid in terms of solve quality. Especially impressed that it can deal with the camera OIS warping on my phone. Other solvers get thrown off pretty hard. Its a good plug and play solver with extra features to really nail it. I give it a lot of credit for that. 

  • Im about to install a cumulative 1903 update. Will report when its installed. 

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    @Erosion139 I'll assume you're doing the 1803 to 1903 update I did myself, two days ago. Once it's done you'll want to poke around a few things and make sure settings didn't change. As a minor thing, for example, after the 1903 update all my custom power profiles went away. Didn't catch it until I I left something running in the background and my computer went to sleep... which it's NEVER supposed to do on any of my power profiles. Also note that a full 1803 to 1903 update might roll back your GPU drivers to the last one Microsoft used. I did have to update my Intel drivers again, my Nvidia were ok.

    Otherwise, I already mentioned GPU driver updates and linked the FAQ. The forum is mostly users (including mods, who are NOT FXHOME staff), so, beyond the basics (things like drivers) we're limited in what we can do here to diagnose system problems. If you're still having issues after OS and GPU updates, then you might want to CONTACT SUPPORT HERE.

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    @Triem23 The update was a small one. I was already on 1903 and it was a cumulative update not a major feature update. So no, it didnt change anything. The GPU drivers I updated at the same time. I feel that the camera solver is just slow. It barely uses any of my system resources. Its actually kind of bad because I will open a brand new hitfilm editor and it will be all fine and fast/smooth. Until I add the camera solver and solve a scene. Those millions of data entrys make it a really bad experience for autosave. It will lock up hitfilm for more than a minute. Thats with one solve. I dont know if its possible to speed up performance or if its going to end up the same as Boujou 5. I would be interested to see someone report as an AF user with this plugin. Is it the integration or the Foundry tracker itself?

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