Can't import 3D models


I updated to v. 13 but for some reason, now I can't import any 3d models at all. 

I tried to import test 3d models (a basic square, a sphere)with no textures, but I can't import anything. 

I just updated my graphic drivers, I have enough HD space, and I just uploaded a crash report.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hard to help without some system specs. 

    Were you able to import 3D before?  Are you at or above Minimum system requirements listed here?


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    I was able to import before without a problem.

    Specs ------

    AMD Ryzen 5 1400

    AMD RX 580 Radeon Sapphire 8GB

    MSI B350M Bazooka Mobo 

    24 Gigs RAM



  • Did you do a fresh install or update over the top. Maybe the later is causing the issue.

  • @scottrh30 Your specs look good except your CPU is hovering at the minimum.   As @Andy001z said, try uninstalling, reboot, then install again.  If you still have problems then you may want to contact FXHome support.

    FYI, I installed directly over the last version and experienced no issues with importing 3D models (.lwo, .obj)

    Here are my specs:

    HF 13.0.9126.7201
    Win 10 64bit
    SSD for the OS
    32GB Ram
    Intel i7-4790K CPU
    NVidia GTX-980 Ti GPU


  • Thanks.

    I will give it a shot and see what happens.

    Will report back on results.

  • Update-

    So far nothing has changed.  I did a re-install, reboot, and cleaned out residual files, but no joy.

    I have sent two or three crash reports so maybe those might help.

    Just to clarify, I CAN import into the program, I just can't add to the composition timeline. 

    All your help is appreciated, and thanks again.

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    @scottrh30 ; Well definitely something more technical that probably only support can answer then.  Never had a whole lot of luck with crash reports.   I don't think they are actively responded to but do help the devs gather information on bugs, etc.

    Contact support and create a trouble ticket here:

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