Looking at the new camera tracker in Pro 13 looks interesting


  • Oh, man!  Been looking forward to this all month and, of course, it finally lands when I'm away from my computer :)  I think that has been the case with every version upgrade.  Ah well, something to plan for when I get home this evening.

  • @Triem23 ; Looking good!  That would totally tear me up having to sit on great stuff like that...makes me glad I'm not a Beta tester for Hitfilm :)  Wouldn't be fair to FxHome anyway since I don't do but a small fraction of what you and others put out with it.

  • @Triem23 ,

    That is slick. :)

  • The tracker really is good! After watching a couple of YouTube tutorials I have made a first test run, which was successful first time, and I even managed to set the ground plane. I never managed that with Mocha.


    Many thanks to FXHome

  • Foundry's camera tracker seems to work very well. Quite fast and solid tracks.  Also super happy to see track locking in Hitfilm. The number of times where I've moved something without noticing and everything gets out of sync...

  • it's tempting to update, but I think im gonna wait till a few more people chime in.

  • The Foundry camera tracker alone is worth it. It does the job very nicely and easily. :)

  •  @spydurhank

    Funnily enough I'm looking forward to the very first feature I ever requested.

  • @Dimipapa ,

    Whoa that is crazy.

  • @Dimipapa Bless you then, sir!  I never knew what the fuss about them was until I did a few projects where the cursor kept switching layers on me.  I've been waiting for that less time than you,  but no less fervently.   I know everyone is all about the Foundry tracker and yes, it will huge since I suck at tracking but Lock layers is nirvana.

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    I wish the tracker was faster. But I cant complain because this makes my workflow much faster anyway. (Feeling the syntheyes rush but slower). For me its comparable to boujou5. Very light on CPU but it also chugs along. I sort of appreciated syntheyes using all of my power to get the job done quickly. 

  • Just poking around in the new tracker..... I don't see any method for exporting the camera and track data... does this not exist?  If not, why not?  I mean its nice that hitfilm has 3d model import, but  I seldom would use it as I have dedicated 3d software for that.... it would be helpful however to be able to export the foundry track for use in 3d packages via fbx, collada etc.

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    Great that locking layers have been implemented

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    @HitFilmer43967 What are you talking about? That's not how it works at all.

    EDIT: HitFilmer42967 has changed what he wrote making this comment from me look very strange. What he originally stated was that if you had fifteen layers and seven of them were locked, if you wanted to unlock one, you had to unlock them all. In other words, you couldn't unlock only one layer among multiple locked layers. That is not how locking layers works, and that is what I conveyed above.

    Locking layers has been a requested feature for years and I for one am glad to see it finally implemented in HitFilm Pro.

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