Upgrading to Pro while having unfinished Hitfilm projects

Maybe I'm worried for nothing but I want to make sure... If I upgrade to Hitfilm Pro, will it alter my Hitfilm Express projects in any way? I don't want to lose my work.


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    @TryingHitfilmNow ; Only if you open the Express project in the new PRO and save with the same file name.  And that's presuming you have an older Express before (version 6 so HFX 2017, 4, 3,or 2.) If you have Express 12.3 going Pro will alter nothing in the file structure and they should be able to be opened in either version HFX or PRO unless I am completely mistaken but I really don't think so. 

    But to be safe in an over abundance of caution make backups of your Express files and put them elsewhere if you do need them later.

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    @tddavis is correct, but to repeat what he said in a different way, when you open an Express project in Pro, for safety, immediately save under a new filename (add "PRO" to the end?). (Note that saving multiple versions of a project is generally smart, anyway. Autosave isn't 100% reliable, so manual backups are smart. 

    In general, if you open a Pro project in Express you might get a warning if the Pro project uses add-on features not purchased for Express.

    Otherwise, it's the version number of the software that's important. Projects can always move forward - a Hitfilm 3 project opens in HF 12.3 - but not backwards. A Hitfilm 12.3 project cannot open in HF 12.2 or earlier. 

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