Is Hitfilm Pro 13 "Stand-Alone" from Hitfilm Pro 12?

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Basically, when Hitfilm Pro 13 pops out, will HItfilm Pro 12 remain in the backlog like Hitfilm Pro 2017?

Or because of the naming convention, FXhome will no longer leave us with a standalone Hitfilm Pro 12? 

Reason I ask this, is due to fears that the new version may involve some issues where warrant a downgrade. Could happen in the middle of a project!


  •  History has shown us that this a jump in major numbers or names has meant a new download, however your concern is valid. I believe it will work as an update request but also have a new download. Let's see what Fxhome staff say.

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    Starting with v6 (when they dropped all year and version numbers for a year) Hitfilm is a "single program." Installing Hitfilm 12.3 will overwrite any version from 6.0 on. You can download all versions from 6.0 (that also fall within your 365 day license) on if you need to revert.

    Under the old model every version of Hitfilm was a "unique" program, which means each version had its own copies of the entire package in unique folders. Now  internally,  all versions put the system files in a single directory. An advantage of that is that one's custom workspaces, presets, export templates, etc are persistent, instead of needing to find and migrate those from system folders. However, you can't install Hitfilm 11 alongside Hitfilm 13.

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