"Infinity shape" movement pattern?

Hello! :)
I was attempting to make an infinite pattern using keyframes and failed miserably.

My attempt was to make two points, one for the x movement and one for the y, parent one of the points to the other, then parent the final object to that.

it seems like whatever I do ends, the end result looks....off... x.x;

So! What would be the best way to carving an infinite path? :D

Thank you in advanced! (Sorry if this is confusing. x.x;)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You'll need to take a look at your keyframes. Part of the issue is whatever interpolation settings are being used on the keyframes.

    I'm gonna take a look at this myself in Hitfilm quickly. I think your chaining points together (one for each axis) is a smart way to go - it's one of my favorite techniques.... I call it an "Etch-a-Sketch rig." But, it might be better to use two points - one in the center and an outer point parented to it. In this case all you'd need to do is rotate the center point while changing the position of the outer point to move it closer or farther to the pivot.

    So I'll take a glance at both methods and see which works better. I'll assume you're working in Hitfilm Express 12.3? Just in case I upload a project file for you?

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    Currently using 12.3 Pro (Snagged it during the sale. :) )

    I fiddled around with the keyframes a bit, and managed to make it look MUCH better by deleting the Y axis points that went to 0, and switching all the points from "manual beziar" to "smooth". But it's just....BARELY not perfect. x.x;

    Here's an image of what the value graphs look like for the y and x point. The first one is what it was at the start, and the second one is the improvements

    My attempts to make a rotating point with a outer point parented to it kinda just...drew a frog.

    2x rotation over 2 seconds with the x osculating from 200 to -200 every second.

    Might need more guidance on how that way works. x.x;


    Edit: EUREKA! 

    It turns out the loop is perfect only after the initial one, and I have no idea why. :D

    I looked at the keyframes closer, and there's a tttiiinnyyy spot RIGHT before the keyframe that goes over it. I tried to fix it by deleting and remaking it, changing the keyframe types and more, but it just kinda refuses to be fixed. :|

    So I copied the keyframes to a later time, and apparently... THAT works.....o.o;

    Anyhoo, mission accomplished! I don't know why it only works sometimes, but I'll take what I can get!

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