Mocha Pro OFX 5.6.0 supported in Hitfilm Pro 12?


Can anyone confirm if Mocha Pro OFX 5.6.0 is supported in Hitfilm Pro 12? I cant get it to show up in the effects list.


  • @KimFrames ; I seem to recall reading a post recently where someone was having trouble finding this effect and they posted they found it listed as Boris FX  Mocha.  Don't quote me on that as I am not one of the experts here just a dabbler and forum reader. :)

  • Look like it is not supported :( I tried installing Hitfilm 2017 and there it turns up. Can someone provide a download link to Hitfilm Pro 11 so I can test it there?


  • Thanks for the verification. Must be something messed up with my installation then.

  • I think triem 23 said something about loading hitfilm first then borisfx. I might be wrong but I am sure there was something about the OFX plug in. Good luck

  • Ask @triem23 guy knows it all and is very helpful. Give him a shout

  • @KimFrames ; Here is the thread Is was mentioning that I remembered.  While it may not be your problem I thojught I'd throw it out there:

  • Figured it out after some fiddling around.  After cleaning everything Mocha from this folder C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\ofxPluginCache and re-installing the plugin it finally turned up.

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