Ignite Express 2017 License [Resolved]

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I downloaded from the above site. How can I get a serial ID?


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    Check your account page ( link in upper right corner), and see if its listed there.

    But I'm not seeing any page Ignite E 2017, They seem to have pulled It, we'll verify 

    Lets see, DanielGWood , DannyDev , JavertValbarrKirstieT , I suppose that's enough, How about it ?

    Probably (hopefully) Its been pulled in preparation of a new release. 

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    You can't get a serial for Ignite Pro 2017 anymore. The current version is Ignite Pro 4,which you can purchase and download here.


    Ignite EXPRESS is discontinued  and you can no longer get an activation code. 

  • That stinks, No plan for a  replacement? I hate to see good things (like MatchMover, Windows Movie Maker, etc ) come to an end

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    @LiamMcM1 Well, if you already have a license it won't stop working, we're just not issuing new licenses for Ignite Express. This was decided after running into some issues and not having enough resources to properly support it. We are already spreading ourselves pretty thin and can't work on everything at the same time...

    Ignite Pro is still being worked on though :)

  • CedricBonnier, Understood, I have a license, probably most people on here that use multiple software's, but cant afford pro (like me) have already got it, I also have Matchmover, WMovieMaker and other good discontinued software, great for me, but I was thinking of the next poor(literally) chap, who cant get them.

    That being said I completely understand, FXHome cant afford continue to run around pouring resources into something that will never (NEVER) pay, there already giving out H Express  free (and I while I'm here I would REALLY like to drop a note of thanks to the FXHome team👍).

    BTW CedricBonnier, How did you end up responding? you're practically the only one I forgot to tag 

  • Thank you for your reply. Try DEMO and buy.

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