I Have an export problem. The export directory does not exist

Hey guys, so I tried to export a video from Hitfilm Express and it had an error pop-up that the export directory of my Hitfilm doesn't exist and that I need to make a directory and have permission. What do I do?


  • make a Folder on your desktop and export to this directory/Folder

  • Hello :) I have the same problem now and really need help. How have you solved it? 

  • @MichelleMartin if you're getting this error then you are attempting to Export to a non-existent folder.

    Go into options -> export, and ensure that the export directory is valid, exists, and you have permission to write to.

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    What options do you go in I have the same problem.


  • @Jspotmp4 ; In 14.1, up in the tool bar at the top of the interface is the word FILE.  Click on that and then go down the list that drops down to OPTIONS. Click on that and then run down to Export.  This is what you should see (but the folder locations will be different in the boxes on your machine, of course.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/6huk8mact9z2tg8/optionis menu.png?dl=0

    Hope this steers you in the right direction.  You can set any folder to be the Export directory here.  Just create one on, say, the desktop like do and give it recognizable (to you) name and select here.

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