Trying to think of funny scene for script

I’m writing a script for a movie and I’m trying to work in a fun scene that’s just fun to watch but is also important to the plot.

So as for the energy of the scene I’m thinking kinda like the (Endgame Spoilers:) planning the time heist scene when drunk Thor is going on and stuff. My film starts minors so I don’t want anyone to be pretending to be drunk.

So the context is they stole an alien device that looks similar to an infinity stone. They’re trying to figure out what it does. I’m trying to make this into a fun scene of them trying to figure out what it does it weird stuff happens. I don’t want it to be TOO crazy though. I’m just looking for general ideas of how to make a funny scene of them experimenting on this stone thing. Btw I’m not entirely sure what the stone does either... I can’t think of anything. I’m thinking it’s just a power source basically. Any ideas?

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