Filmmaker Bundle Sale Download

I downloaded the latest version of Hitfilm Pro, but I can't find the Filmmaker Bundle on my computer. The store says that it comes if you buy Hitfilm Pro or upgrade to the latest version. How do I get the Filmmaker Bundle?


  • @RAPStudios ; There should be a link under the Download section on your acct page where it shows all your versions of Hitfilm and serial numbers.  Just click on the word Account at the top right of this page, then scroll down until you see Downloads.

  • I checked the Downloads section and there are no downloads listed under it.

  • @RAPStudios ; Well, that's strange.  It is showing the new purchase of Hitfilm Pro, right?  If not, maybe the system is lagging behind, but you might want to go ahead and contact Support directly to be sure.  I would think either Sales or Customer Service should be able to help.

  •  You have to renew your 12 month license to get the bundle- not just download the latest Pro installer.

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