[RESOLVED] Hitfilm pro 12.3 + Mocha pro 2019 installation


I just bought the Mocha update taking advantage of the promotion.

I received the activation key and the program.

But when i install it, nothing happens; when i run Hitfilm, and i apply the effect on a video, i'm still on the normal version of Mocha (5.5), and i can not find any place to activate the update.

i looked at the BorisFX website, but i have trouble finding the installation procedure, it's very complicated to understand for someone who is not very comfortable with english speaking.

Can someone help me?

Thank you


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    I found myself!

    The plugin was installed, but the name is different in the list of effects!

    There is always the old Mocha plugin,  which is called "Mocha by Imagineer Systems", but the new is called "BorixFX Mocha)

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    Good note! I'm on an earlier version of Mocha Pro, so I didn't know about the name change. I can tell knowing about it is going to help other users. 

  • i know it's stupid, but i wasted my day to realize that

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