Best hardware for Hitfilm Express

I am looking for the CPU and GPU that will give the best performance for editing in Hitfilm Express.

GPU: RTX 2080ti or GTX 1660ti (Would ray tracing benefit me or does it really only benefit games?)

CPU: Threadripper 1950x or Intel i9-9900k


  • Personally, I would stick with Intel and NVidia.   I also recommend to do test builds on paper and find components to fit your budget.  

    Currently ray-tracing is not supported in HF so spending extra cash on that won't be much help.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Currently  Hitfilm's GPU acceleration is Intel/Nvidia only. Eventually AMD will be added, but, for now that's a clear advantage for Intel/Nvidia for Hitfilm use. 

    I'm getting readyish to build a new machine  and have decided on the i9-9900k with the gtx 2070. Right now  at least according to Tom's Hardware and UserBenchmark the 2070 is the "sweet spot" card for power/price ratio. That said, it's not THAT much faster than the 1660. The 2080 is my "hell with it, I'm going top tier" choice and the 1660 is my "desktops can be upgraded, I'll save some money today" choice. 

    Another question is what software you use besides Hitfilm. At the moment  Hitfilm doesn't take full advantage of huge amounts of cores  like a Threadripper (but Josh Davies says they're working on that), but  if you do pure 3D work in Blender (for example) a Threadripper would help there. 

  • Hitfilm really needs to learn how to efficiently use 4-cores reasonably before any thoughts of 8+ cores. Either they don't have enough threading, or there is excess synchronization putting a damper on scaling. Threading is usually easy. The second part is the real trick.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NormanPCN true, but, 1) Josh has said in livestreams the devs are working on better thread utilization, so, we'll expect Hitfilm to improve in that area (maybe not with HF 13, but in the next year?), and, at least in my case, the i9 ten-core won't (yet) have all it's threads utilized in Hitfilm, but... I use other software that will, which is why I always ask in these threads what else the questioner does?

    Otherwise the "most correct" answer for Hitfilm and Hitfilm ONLY use is probably "Fastest i7 you can get and an Nvidia 1080ti"

  • @Triem23 "Josh has said in livestreams the devs are working on better thread utilization"

    Maybe so. But backward steps are the opposite, as in Hitfilm 12+, in timeline, with Cineform. No effects. Just media. Hitfilm was below par with Cineform, relatively speaking, and got a little slower (relative to 2017). My old flat 4Ghz 4770K 4C/8T in other software outperforms Hitfilm on my new flat 5Ghz 9900K 8C/16T.

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