Load Error while Importing .mp3 audio file

I’m receiving a Load Error with a Yellow triangle with exclamation point when importing an MP3 file. 

File was downloaded from a music service with subscription.  File also emailed to me by subscription service with license removed and still get the Load Error issue. 

Continuing to work on it with subscription service, but thought I’d ask the Forum if this is a known issue. 


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    @CCCoder There are known issues with some flavors of MP3.  If you search the forum you will find some previous discussions on the subject.  That said, MP3 support has improved in later versions of HF, but may not cover your particular use case.

    Best rule of thumb in this situation would be to convert to WAV and import that into HF.

  • Thanks for the reply and advice. For some reason, my converter doesn’t convert to .wav.

    So I chose convert the .mp3 to .mp3 again, now it lets me add the media file to HitFilm. 🤔

  • I was using an unlicensed file converter, forgot I had bought a licensed version. All files downloaded from subscription service can now be converted to .wav or .MP3 and can be imported to HitFilm. Tried to download from site as a .wav and still get the same error in HF. 

    They claim these are Youtube ready and can be used in any editor software, but apparently the problem is on their end and not HF this time. 

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    I've had similar issues before and I could always solve them by loading the .mp3 in question into Audacity and then exporting it as a WAV 32-bit float PCM. You can even use the Apply Chain option in the file menu to batch process multiple files.

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    @CCCoder out of curiosity, take a problem mp3 file into an id3 tag editor. Hitfilm doesn't like multiple id3 tags, so that's a possible issue. In this case, stripping the extra tags should do it, although a batch conversion might actually be faster and easier. Just trying to see if we can figure out what's causing the issue? 

  • Indeed, upon examining the ID3 tags in Audacity I noticed that there were some (non-standard?) additional ID3 tags in the file named "Tagging-time" and "Software". After clearing these, the file imported just fine.

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    Cool. Easy fix. :) 

  • "Hitfilm doesn't like multiple id3 tags, so that's a possible issue."

    Hitfilm works with multiple tag types. All my old MP3 files have ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. V1 for Legacy. Both can co-exist. These MP3 files work in Hitfilm. 

    There are standards, and then there is all the crap that is supposedly conforming to standard. ID3 tagging apparently can be pretty stinky.

    I have used the foobar2000 music player for decades. Over the years they have had constant, repeated, updates to the ID3 tagging code for compatibility. Sometimes their ID3 output, but most often tweaks for working with all the ID3 crap out there from other apps. While still working with the good. One can get in a pissing match about who/what is correct to spec or you can just work with stuff that is out there as necessary when you can. I'll bet the MP3 decoder in Hitfilm is Mainconcept, and maybe that is enough said.


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