Hitfilm 13 free update

I am planning on getting a copy of hitfilm pro very soon, but since Hitfilm 13 will have so any radical changes to it I've been holding off. But I realized that it comes with 12 months of free updates, so if I buy Hitfilm Pro during the sale right now, will I be able to get Hitflm 13 as a free update?


  • Simple answer is yes you will. The old sales model gave u 30 days discount on upgrade cost, but now as long as you have purchased Hitfilm in the last 12 months it is included. Fantastic news. 

  • Thanks for the answer! One quick follow up question, if I UPGRADE from express to pro (which costs considerably less), will I still be receiving the 12 months of free updates that will allow me to get Hitfilm pro 13?

  • Good question, cavat I'm not Fxhome staff, but the model works that a discount will be applied against any express purchaces, then you have a pro licence like as new, so in short yes same update terms.

  • @Vagabonding101 ; I'm not 100% on this but I understand that lower upgrade price to be if you were upgrading a version of PRO that has past the 12 month free updates time.  Technically, I don't think you're upgrading from Express since it's free to begin with; you're just purchasing a new product when you go Pro...but I may have totally misunderstood the FxHome model, so let others chime in before taking my post as gospel.

  • It depends on the cost bolt ons that you have purchased. These are taken into consideration. Haveing the basic Hitfilm express for free does not give u any discount.

  • @Andy001z ; Thanks for bringing that up.  I totally forgot all about the add-on discounts.

  • Hope it comes soon. Working lots of hours and only weekend off is this weekend for a while. 

  • All good things come to those that wait, sods law however says, it will arrive when your most busy.. 

  • Duke Nukem says... where is it? Not many days left this month.

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