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i use Ignite  2017 inside Resolve 15/16, i really only use a few of the tools on offer, but find them very useful to have access to when i need them - so a few notes

- temporal effects now that v16 supports frame access

- credit roll = can i have more (way, way more) than 30 roles?

- credit roll = would like to be able to save/recall effects so my client can create their roller in their NLE, and i can open it in Resolve for finishing

- noise reduction = on screen bounding box is not adjsutable short of typeing in numbers, can we get the widget to interact with Resolve?

- muzzle flash = same note about the on screen widget

Thanks for listening,  looking forward to haveing a reason to upgrade!


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    - credit roll = can i have more (way, way more) than 30 roles?

    that should be 30 elements, not 30 roles

    also the ablity to insert a new element into an existing credit roll an answer to: "opps we forgot to include the catering service, can you add them just above the pa's please?"  elegantly

    there's rather inelegant answers like cutting and pasteing a bunch of elements until there's a clear space where it's needed....

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