Hitfilm Pro Updates?

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I am considering the purchase of Hitfilm Pro 12.
Are the upcoming updates (Hitfilm Pro 13 etc. and also feature updates) free after the one-time purchase or do you have to buy a new license for newer updates / versions?


  • @Benexlo ; When you purchase Pro all future updates to a year from that date are there for you to download.  And there was an exception made in the past year or so to extend the update period when a new update got delayed, but I think that was more of a special circumstance and not be factor in as a rule. Hopen this answers your question.

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    To build off what Tddavis writes, if you purchase Hitfilm 12 today, yes, you'll get HF 13 (that will certainly be out in less than a year). 

    As Tddavis said you'll get ALL updates for 365 days. Note that "full number" updates tend to be things that change "core" features while "point" updates tend to be new/add-on features and fixes.

    In the last year Hitfilm moved from v8.0 to v12.3. Using HF 9 as an example  the major change was being able to continue editing during export - that's a core change: a fundamental change in how the software works - and deserves a full number update. 9.1 added a bunch of new buttons to the interface - not a "core" change because these buttons weren't new functions, but easier ways to do something the software did.

    FXHOME does pretty well with rapid updates. The change log page currently shows 11 updates in 12 months - that number has been as high as 13. I would even venture to guess HF 13 is in final testing now, aiming to be released in the next month (this is a GUESS. Mods aren't FXHOME Staff, and, while I am a beta tester, outside testers don't get all builds).

    Anyways to recap and wrap up, when you purchase Hitfilm you get ALL updates for 365 days. If you purchase today, at the end of the year you could be on Hitfilm 13.9 or Hitfilm 16.0. Depends on what new features are added and how fast they are completed. At the end of the year you will version lock at your current version. Let's say your year ends at HF 16.0. On the download page you would be able to access everything from Hitfilm 12.3 to 16.0 - (@OliThompson question: can a sub access versions before their buy date? In this case would Benexlo be able to revert back to HF 6, when the current model was adopted? Or does he "start" at 12.3? This will be important to users who meet the HF 11 specs, not the change for HF 12). You would be able to run HF 16 forever, but, if you choose not to renew your updates, versions 16.1+ would revert to "Trial Mode."

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