Images disappearing when using the puppet effect

I've been successfully using the puppet effect for a while to introduce idling motions to figures and creatures, but with my latest project I'm encountering a weird error. 

When applying the puppet effect to this image of a DNA molecule: dna logo transition frame matte-6.png?dl=0

I can generate the mesh and add control points as normal, but when I switch from  edit to animate, the image disappears, and will only reappear when I deactivate or delete the puppet effect applied to it. Can someone else try this and confirm it's not just some weird error on my end, or better yet have some suggestions for resolving it?

To reproduce the issue:

1. Download the file from the above dropbox link

2. open a new hit film pro project

3. import just the image and nothing else into the media library and timeline

4. make it a composite shot

5. apply the puppet effect to the layer

6. switch to edit mode and add some control points at the junctions of the image

7. switch to animate mode. (this is where the image disappears)




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