The Take Off - Superman Effect ! (17 sec.)

I tried to make a superman flying effect.

Do comment down your thoughts on my video




  • Nice. Dirt on camera is a nice touch.

  • @DataDesign thank you so much for commenting your thoughts on this 😊😊

  • I think it looks and sounds great. I'm trying to think whether a small crater would look right after the take-off.
    I agree the dirt on the lens plus the 'videotape' effect are a nice touch.

  • @DrafterThings thank you for your comment i really appreciate that , and about the crater ...I'll tell you the truth , I totally forgot that !! 😂 I had all the scene set up in my mind but i don't know why , i forget about the crater during editing .. I'm sorry 😅

  • I think this was really cool.

  • @Kiplake thank you so much !

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