3.0.13 crashing on MacOS

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I'm experiencing crash on my macos. Steps leading to crash are simple:

1. Create empty document

2. Add image layer

3. Add adjustments layer

At step 3 app crashes and app is unusable. Here is crash dump.

BTW, version 3 with new GPU Raw Engine 3 still has a bug with incorrect opening of vertical DNGs as I posted here earlier.


  • Hi @alexander_sha, from that dump it looks like you are using an Intel integrated GPU. Unfortunately we are unable to support this on macOS due to them being limited to 1.5GB of video memory.

    However I can confirm that both of these issues have been fixed internally and will be in the next release.

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    Yep, I'm aware that nowadays integrated gpu with 1.5Gb of video ram is not enough for graphic apps with gpu acceleration, this is why I removed Apple's software limitation on vram size for integrated gpu and pushed it to 4Gb. This definitely has changed how my gpu accelerated apps are working now and they way more snappy.

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