[Resolved] Make Composite Shot Issue

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Hey all,

Found what I think is a little bug in Hitfilm pro 12 while working in a composite shot.......

Here's the steps to reproduce it:

1.  Fire up Hitfilm 12 (latest build) and start a new scene using the 1080p @ 25fps preset.

2.  Load a 1080p clip and drop it on the timeline (I used a clip from one of Axel's tutorials with the guy walking in from the right looking at guns on the table).

3.  Make a composite shot from the clip.

4.  In the effects section, add the 'Time Reverse' effect from the 'Temporal' section.

5.  Scrub the composite shots timeline to confirm the clip has been reversed.

6.  Now change the viewer from 'Viewer' to 'Layer' and make sure the clip element is selected.

7.  Notice that in the 'Layer' view the clip is not reversed !

 Anyone else seeing this  ?  Surely the clip should run reversed like the 'Viewer' does





  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    No. The Layer panel only shows the "raw" video before any effects or transformation have been added. That's how it's supposed to work. Mostly as an aid for adjusting masks on things moving in 3D space accurately. 

  • Triem23,

    It's amazing you know, just searched in the online manual after your answer and there it was.



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