[NEW RELEASE] Imerge Pro 3.0

Another major update for Imerge Pro has just landed! We’ve made some massive changes to quite a few things under the hood in the render engine and user interface and added a bunch of awesome effects too for bringing images to life...



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     There is still no possibility to copy/paste Attributes from one layer to another. I don't remember exactly why i needed this recently, but, for example, this is necessary when we have multiple layers and we want to change one or more values in some or all layers.

  • Hi @Proteas

    By attributes, do you mean things like position, rotation and/or blend mode? If you mean you want layers to move together you can select multiple of them with Ctrl + Left click (or click and drag a box around them on the canvas) and then drag them around on the canvas.

  • SamuelMorris: Each layer has some properties (effects etc) with specific values. Once you want to change one or more values in a specific effect, you must change the same values to some or all other layers too. I's not practical to do this manually because you will have to remember each step. Some programs allows you to right click and select attributes and then paste (the desired of) them somewhere else (in this case, into other layers).

    I don't know if your description resolves this problem or if it resolves it practical enough (in a simple way). I will try your suggestion to my next project, in order to find out if it works. But in my mind.. i tend to believe it might not be the same thing or not so simple. Because.. why should i twist my mind each time, in order to select all related layers at once? And what if i forget a layer?  Copy/paste is simpler and so we can make corrections even days later.

  • @Proteas - you can use the new Layer Groups to group all the layers that you want to apply a given effect to, then apply the effect to the group. Edit the effect once, and its results on all layers in the group are updated, with no copying or pasting required.

  • Awesome update. :)

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    AxelWilkinson: Usually i am working on one layer. Later, when i like these changes i continue working and then i realize that it's necessary to apply some (or all) changes, either to another layer or to a new layer. For instance, when i insert another image and i need all the properties of an existent layer. In Corel Video Studio it is possible to copy the properties (attributes) of a clip (position, applied effects etc) and to paste them (either all or the desired) to another clip. I would like to see this useful feature in Imerge (and i wonder if it is available in HitFilm Pro).

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    @Proteas in HitFilm you can Paste Attributes which will paste the properties and effects of the clip you copied. Imerge allows you to paste an effect along with all of its properties, but not a full attribute copy like in HitFilm currently.

    It is also worth noting this post is very old at this point, and Imerge has its own forum which may be better suited to any questions you have.

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