Dafter Things : Avengers Full Power

Thought I would create a single post for my content to match the general approach.
First thing is something a little different. 
Gold Puffin Lego Animations invited me to write something for his blog. It might be of interest to people here... then again, it might not 




  •  @DafterThings That is a well written article. Very nice!

  • Thanks @FilmSensei ;

    It was quite an interesting and timely exercise as I have recurring doubts about the point of it all.
    I have some ideas which will really  stretch my capabilities. I worry so much about getting it wrong that I don't even try... which misses the point that it doesn't matter as long as I'm enjoying it.

  • Another Star Trek stop motion.
    I am still worried about the audio. I can hear it all clearly on my PC but it's a bit more difficult on my telly.



  • Wow!!! The feel of the bar and lighting were incredible!

    How did you get yourself to sound like a pig? You nailed it.

    While I didn't get the joke at the end, I still enjoyed it and it was another great animation.


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    Thanks @Xhan47

    The pig (Boarman the Barman) is based off a character called Les in an old UK sitcom called Men Behaving Bady. The voice is based on Michael Winner who was a pretty good film director but is, perhaps,  better known for Insurance commercials.

    There were a few references that I thought people might not get.
    Just in case I have left something to vague... which bit are you talking about?

    Right at the end the viewer is barred from the pub for not going to comment, like and subscribe. In fact, the original line was 'Can I tempt you to click one of these?" and point to the end-cards. That might have made more sense.

  • Thanks.

    The question regarding George : Should he stay or should he go?

  • @DafterThings one of the things I noticed about original Star Trek was that the episodes were not in order

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    George has a rep! 

    Wait - ISS Enterprise...? 

    Aw, don't go, George! 

  • The dagger symbols in the transporter room are either a clue, a souvenir the crew picked-up or simply because that was the play-set that got released.  I'll leave the options open.

  • @DafterThings


    Looking at that esurance commercial you nailed it even more.

    The final line when George is with Scotty about not belonging on the spaceship anymore. I,m confused, as to what this final punchline means?

  • Ah OK.
    He's worried that he doesn't belong on the bridge but no longer feels part of the security team.
    Basically, he feels alone. I probably should have added something to be more speciifc (not just say it outright but allude to it) although I hope it had been building to this over the previous few videos.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You have. It's a moment that might not read out of context  but it has been building .

    Actually, even with just this episode I'd think it would read - just from being the last of his group! Much as I enjoy George, I can certainly understand why he'd not want to stay on Enterprise when the rest of his friends died. 

    But, given George's reputation, it could be fun to just follow George as he wanders the galaxy. 

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    Yep. I'm thinking that's the way to go with George.  I have a few adventures lined up for him.
    I always liked the end of The Ballad of Halo Jones (might be an obscure reference for some) .

    In other news : This is my second video to be restricted. I suspect it is because of references to alchohol or, less likely, the thumbnail. The other video that got restricted was Brits and Tea . I am still clueless why that would be selected. You can send in a request to have the restriction reviewed. Either the video just gets unrestricted or you never hear back so never know the reason why.

    <edit> I changed the thumbnail to make the ferret smaller and show the pub sign. Now the restriction has been removed. A little bizarre.

  • @DafterThings It is truly a mystery as to why some videos become restricted by YouTube and some don't. I end up not worrying about it. For example, this video entitled "How to Make a Disintegration Effect for Text or a Graphic" is restricted.


    Despite me requesting a review and the video having over 1200 views, the restriction stays. These three videos, however, are fine on YouTube...

    Graphic to Dust


    Discussion of the Sand Disintegration Effect


    Avenger's Infinity War Disintegration Effect - HitFilm Tutorial


    They are all roughly discussing the same topic and have similar language. I find it quite amusing that the first video is restricted. However, since there is nothing more that I can do, I choose to not worry about it! :)

  • It *is* frustrating. At least changing the thumbnail got one of them back.

    I think I mentioned before that Brits and Tea has somebody say "No cock-ups" which is completely innocuous in the UK but, perhaps, not elsewhere. There are many videos out there with far worse.
    As you say : If you can't do anything about it.... then don't worry about it. 

  • Needless to say, absolutely none of my videos have anything even remotely considered to be anything but family friendly. I stay away from blood, firearms, etc... to assure parents that their children will be okay watching my videos. The only reason a video of mine would be restricted would due to a lack of interest that companies would have advertising on my channel, which is a reasonable concern! :)

  • @FilmSensei ; Yeah agreed. If you're  getting restricted then I can't really complain about the odd one of mine 

    BTW : I hadn't noticed how much your channel had grown. It shows that great content works.

  • @DafterThings, you sir have a great instinct for comedy. Love this one. George must stay. I don't understand the restriction thing. I can tell you that I'm not pleased with some of the things that youtube/google has been doing lately. As a musician who watches tons of guitar videos, I'm seeing them hit a lot of channels with copyright strikes, strikes that don't seem appropriate for the use. For example, demonetizing a vid after the creator played a chord and announced it was the chord used in a famous song. As for your work, I thought you'd have more trouble from Star Trek's owner than anything concerning the pub. Or maybe Javert, Ollie and the gang thought their offscreen deaths inappropriate...

  • @Kiplake Great to hear from you again and thanks for watching it.
    Unfortunately,  George is leaning more and more towards leaving the Enterprise.

    I don't know what happened with the restriction but changing the thumbnail by making the Ferret face smaller seemed to make it OK.... or making the change simply re-drove the check and it passed this time.

    Wiping out the entire YouTube face of FXHome might have been a mistake for the future of Hitfilm  😊

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    @DafterThings Oh, gotcha.  I thought it was the final joke to the video, and was trying to figure out what the punchline was.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  • X Men : Cold As Ice

    Played with Filmstro with varying degrees of success. Spent hours rotoing around the claws only to realise the clip wasn't long enough so had to use the 'fade' trick anyway.


  • @DafterThings ; Well done, as always.  Like the running gag with Wolverine and Cyclops.

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    @tddavis thanks.

    A little more on FIlmstro. I think I could have chosen a better piece of music but I went for something that made me think of ice and made it seem like Logan was having an 'experience'... just so he can bring it back down again.
    I would *never* have found a piece of music that fit what I wanted to do if it wasn't for those sliders.
    I had a few problems as it kept misaligning the video with the audio on playback. The first time I exported the soundtrack the audio was about 5 seconds out. When playing back the video/audio in FIlmstro it would often display a random bit of the video. Having said that it *DID* export OK eventually.

    Not sure how this matters but this video, which took about 8 hours to produce, is out 'viewcounting' the longer, more complicated videos which took about 100 hours... hmmmm. 

  • @DafterThings ; It's all about the story (or gag.)  Most viewers have no clue what all goes into your style of animation but story will always win. IMHO.

  • @tddavis Yeah I agree. 

    I suspect the X Men videos pick up views because of the X Men tags as people search for Dark Phoenix.
    Similar with Star Trek. I get a few views from people searching the necessary 'Star Trek Fan Film' addition.
    For some of my others they don't have anything searchable. Even my stories using Halo figures aren't really Halo.

    I made a promise to myself that I would make what I liked, post and leave others to like it or not.
    It is always so tempting though. 

  • Another great one.

  • @xhan47 Thanks as always.

    Next one is more complicated again so it was nice to have a 'break' with this simpler video.

  • My favourite bit, which I'm amazed every single time, is how can you make these figurines expressive through body language: in this case, Wolverine's head tilt :)

    I used to use Filmstro, but moved to Artist.io. Those sliders are pretty darn good though.

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