Dealing with it (short film teaser)

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Hi guys!

Some of you helped me with the script of the short film (@DafterThings, @CleverTagline, @Palacono), and today the teaser goes out!

The actual short will come out on June 14th, and hopefully (if time allows), I'll make a series of videos on what we learnt during the process (also on how much fun we've had) that I'll share in the filmmaking section :)

PS: the addition of the opening credits at the end is a bit awkward, but since we show this at work (where the short film is released in an event) adding them creates a bit of extra hype to see your colleagues doing fun stuff. Plus, it was a nice exercise on "Brooklyn 99"ize the credits


  • This looks great.

    The credits work really well and the whole thing works as a great teaser.
    The 'walk down the corridor' scene is well timed and I like the post-it changing hands and then the door closes. The actors really seem to be throwing themselves into it and enjoying it.
    I suspect this will be well received by your colleagues as well.
  • I saw some worried looks as they don't know yet that it's about coffee... but that's why it's a teaser, right?

    Thanks for the comments @DafterThings ! I had a blast editing the post-it-doors scene, I hope you like it in the final short as well.

  • Great stuff!! Looking forward to it.

    And those credits are slick, do you possibly have a tutorial for that effect?

  • @Xhan47 thanks!

    I do have a list of videos planned of what we learnt during the process, so maybe I'll add a tutorial on those credits to the list as well :)

  • Welcome.


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