Exporting 'pre keyed' footage


I've created a lower third for a friend (who doesn't have hitfilm). Is it possible to render that comp as pre-keyed footage so he can just overlay it onto whever else he's editing in whatever other software he has? i.e. with an alpha channel instead of a black/grey/green/whatever background. there's so many export options it's a bit dazzling.

I have Hitfilm Pro 2017




  • Export Cineform RGB with alpha. In Hitfilm 2017 your only option is to export it in AVI format. Your friend will have to be able to import Cineform RGB in AVI format in whatever software they are using. Your friend may or may not have to install a Cineform Video for Windows codec. In Hitfilm, Cineform is native. High or Medium quality settings are a good choice.

    Your other option is to export uncompressed video to AVI format. This file will be huge.

    You final option is to export an image sequence. One file per frame. (No audio). Exporting PNG with alpha would work. Audio, if any, would have to be a separate file.

    What your friends software can import will dictate your available choices.

  • Thanks for your help and clarification :) I'll check with my friend what software he intends to use and then either do the cinemform method as you suggest or otherwise the PNG image sequence

  • Why not have your friend download HitFilm Express? It is free.

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