Is there a current list of OpenFX plugins we can use in Hitfilm?

I'm looking at this list of OpenFX plugins

But I don't see Hitfilm pro mentioned as a compatible host.  Can anyone from FXHome assist?  If I purchase an OpenFX package from any company or supplier, can I be assured it will work with Hitfilm pro?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Pending a Staff response I can only say that NewBlue's plug ins work, as well as Red Giant Universe, and NEAT video (but Hitfilm's video Noise Reduction works as well as Neat Video - and I don't bother with it in Hitfilm, though I still use it in Vegas Pro). Those are from personal experience. 

    Some of the Re:Vision stuff works, like Twixtor.

    Other than Boris 3D Objects and Mocha, none of the Boris stuff officially works in Hitfilm. This was told to me by Boris Customer Support last year - don't know if it's changed for 2019.

    The WAVES stuff listed on that page seems mislabeled. I'm a WAVES customer and all their audio plug-ins are VST, not OFX (and not seen by Hitfilm). 

    Otherwise, you can NOT be assured any OFX plug-in will work. OFX itself is a cross-platform standard, but tuning still must be done to accommodate the UI and capabilities of the host - for reference I refer you to Ignite. Not one of Ignite's 10 listed hosts supports every Ignite effect due to variations in the host's capabilities.... 

    Best advice is to look for trial versions and see if they work, but, if a plug-in doesn't say it's Hitfilm compatible  then it might not function correctly. 

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