3D model turns black after applying normal or bump map

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Hi all, 

I am currently working on a 3d scene. When I apply a diffuse texture to my 3d models, everything looks ok; but when I add a normal or bump map, the entire model turns black in the 3d viewer window. If I then click the OK button and render my scene, the model shows up correctly for the first frame and then turns black again. 

I tried many different image formats for the texture maps and I also tried different render settings, but nothing worked. I have this problem since the last update (Hitfilm Pro 12.3)

My computer:

iMac 5K 2017, Intel Core i7, Radeon Pro 575, 8GB RAM


  • @HotRod_ ; I've have had similar issues and found that the emissive set to transparent can cause a world of issues.  I have been trying to set it to a dark gray and you probably will have to set the alpha to 255 instead of zero on any settings that has zero.  I am not super experienced with model importing, but this might help you find a starting point to further tweak settings to your needs.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @tddavis interesting. I'll have to see if I can recreate @HotRod_'s issue and your solution. 

    Hotrod can you link to the download site for one of models you're having this issue with? 

    I'll tag in @DibsMcCallum for a change. Why should Cedric and Danny get all the love? 

  • @Triem23 ; It all has something to do with a post I made a few weeks or month ago linking an article about no pure blacks but now I only remember bits and pieces :(

  • I tired tddavis solution and then my model was was visible, but completely grey and without any texture. It happens not on a specific 3d model, it happens with all 3d models I download or create myself. Even 3d models with normal or bump maps applied in all of my older projects do not show up correctly. 

    Maybe I should reinstall Hitfilm?


  • @HotRod_ So what you are saying is that projects that looked great in previous versions of HitFilm now don't look great anymore? If that is the case, then it would seem that either there is an issue with the newest version of HitFilm, your drivers are no longer up to date,  or something in your computer has changed. Do you still have access to the previous version of HitFilm that you could reopen it in?

    Usually, when I have a problem with all or part of a model being black it's either because the normals in the model need to be flipped or there is a problem with the lighting. I will never forget the day I accidentally placed a 2D plane (blend mode set to add) between the lights and a model, and then I spent the next hour trying to figure out why the lights weren't interacting anymore. Boy did I feel stupid after that, but I guarantee that I'll never let that happen again!

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    Very good chance your drivers are obsolete. 

    There's a FAQ for that. 


  • Um..problems with  5K monster eh? That's a bit unusual. What version of macOS Mojave do you have?

    I checked about a half a dozen models (.obj and .fbx) and I cannot reproduce this unless I use both the normal AND the bump  -  btw - either with bump  or normal - not both

    I checked using a ancient late 2013 with macOS Mojave ver 10.14.3 installed with a Nvidia 755M. Hitfilm ver. 12.3.1984

    btw - I've never had the problem that @tddavis describes

  • @GrayMotion ; Well, 'not both' would explain what I am doing wrong and why I am not seeing it all the time as well.  I'm pretty sure if the model had both textures I would try and use them both unknowingly. :)

  • I updated the version of Mojave to 10.14.5 (which also updates the drivers) and also reinstalled HitFilm. Now my 3d models (with normal/bump map) show up correctly in the 3d model viewer window, but still appear black in the normal viewer. Sometimes the the picture is glitching if I zoom in or out in the viewer window or move a few frames forward, and then everything is looking good but then suddenly the model turns black again.

    When I export it, the 3d model always appears correct for the first frame and then turns black for all the other frames.

    this issue only appears when all the lights are turned on; when turning them off, the bump/normal map is correctly applied to the model, nothing turns black and nothing is glitching in the viewer window

    Thank you for your help


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