Duel of the X Men

Something silly because I needed to test if I could animate somebody playing a guitar and I was exhausted after filming Welcome to the Wasteland. (complex for me and too many late nights).
I think it worked.... but it was *soooo* tedious.


  • @DafterThings That was cute. I can imagine that it was tedious to create it, however.

  • Thanks @Filmsensei

    Yep. Basically it was a change every frame. 300 photos to play a guitar badly for 20-25 secs... and then hide most of it under a fade transition   I only use 12 FPS so anything more would have been torture.
    I did want to move the hand along the fret but the grip was too tight. I would have had to pick up and re-position  it each time. 

  • @DafterThings ; I say once again, I have only done this type of animation once for a class and it was torturous enough for that brief scant few seconds that I am thoroughly amazed at you brick film makers.  Kudos as always.

  • @tddavis Thanks.
    It's odd that I'd rather do ten 30 frame scenes than one 300 frames.
    Unfortunately keeping the position of the figures, lights and camera means it is tricky to leave them overnight.

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