Where is the documentation/help files on the new Vegas integration?

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In 12.3 I  installed Vegas integration.  But I only see a few lines about it in the help file.  Is there a longform explainer in the works?

I found this: 

HitFilm Pro includes direct integration with the latest version of Vegas Pro. If you are editing in Vegas, you can send a video clip to HitFilm for further compositing or effects work, then move back to Vegas without rendering. The HitFilm project is placed on the Vegas timeline, where it can be edited like other media objects. This integration ensures optimum quality by eliminating the need to render the scene repeatedly, which could introduce generational quality loss.

But we need the full topic covered, from installation instructions to use scenarios.  Do I need to re-install Vegas 15 so it becomes aware of Hitfilm?  The word "integration" suggests right-click functionality and being listed in the menus -- I don't see this in Hitfilm yet.


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    The integration is on the Vegas side.

    In Vegas you can right click a timeline clip and make it a Hitfilm effect clip. Then editing that clip opens Hitfilm.

    In Vegas you can also place a Hitfilm composite onto the Vegas timeline.

    The installation order is important. Hitfilm after Vegas. The Hitfilm installer needs to see Vegas to install the proper integration file(s) into the Vegas installation.

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    @NormanPCN I think Vegas is seeing a Hitfilm Project's Editor Timeline, not a Comp Shot? Then again I've only added hpf files to Vegas timelines, not hfcs files. You may have taught me something! 

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    @Triem23 I am just as likely wrong. I only played with it once some time ago. I stopped updating Vegas so the integration no longer works for me.

    I know the Hitfilm "effect" in Vegas is a Hitfilm main timeline and the Hitfilm file drop could likely be the same (AKA project file). Anyway, you can drop some kind of Hitfilm file onto the Vegas timeline.

  • @Triem23 Confirmed.

    Editor exclusive as I can tell.

    Either way, it works! I just wish the audio didn't lag so much, then it would have been really useful (The Hitfilm to Vegas route)

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