Hotkeys for Colour Channels?

Is there a way to set a hotkey for changing colour channels? For example I would like to be able to just press "A" to show the alpha channel like in Nuke.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm not on a PC to check, nut I'd say if you can't find that option in the existing keyboard shortcuts list (File>Options>Keyboard Shortcuts) then it doesn't exist.

    Consider adding the request to the Wishlist thread

    That thread is checked by the devs regularly, where (as this is the weekend), this thread might push down far enough where it's not immediately seen. 

  • Great thanks

  • DannyDevDannyDev Staff
    edited May 2019

    @TekGecko Are you referring to the Color Channels switch hidden away under the Options button/menu in the viewer?

    I will look into adding shortcuts for those, similar to the ones in Nuke.

  • Hi Danny,

    Yes exactly, very useful for quickly checking your alpha etc. Thanks!

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