Screen Fonts Too Small

I see this has been an issue for a number of years based on past posts, but I thought I'd check in case something has been done that I can't find.  

Not all computer users are 20.  My vision isn't what it used to be, but it's not terrible.  I can read every other application on my PC except HitFilm.   Light gray text on a dark gray screen with a font size that does not scale with system settings and is half the size of fonts anywhere else in the system?   Even my 30 year old employee said it was unnecessarily tough to read anything.

Is see a couple people suggest adjusting screen scaling.  Tried that and it makes the rest of my app fonts huge without affecting Hitfilm in the slightest.

Please let me know if there has been a fix for this, but for now I go back to looking for another app.   :(

At least I was able to try before purchasing.  Thanks for your time.


  • I'd be interested in seeing a screenshot, along with your screen resolution and size. I use a 15.6 inch screen in 1080p and don't have any problems reading the text in HitFilm. I imagine though that trying to run HitFilm on a 13 inch laptop screen in 1080p might get a bit tough to read in some circumstances.

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