Any word on new updates?

What is the deal with Action Pro?  Is it worth continuing the 12-month updates....To be honest  I have barely used it.    


  • So first off, FXHome doesn't comment on updates all that often... Though it seems like they may be starting to divulge more and more about upcoming releases than they have in the past. That being said, as far as I know we haven't heard a peep about Action Pro since the latest version was released... And even that was to little fanfare. I think Action Pro has great potential, but too small of a userbase to make it high priority for FXHome. While I don't have numbers, I reckon Action Pro has less than 10,000 users compared to the (apparently) millions of HitFilm users. At that point, it's much harder to justify spending time, money, and other resources on it.

    Personally, I think they should take Action Pro and intergrate it into Hitfilm Pro instead of it being a separate package that costs extra. Then they need to make as many tutorials and demos for it as possible to show off what it's capable of

  • I have to admit to feeling pretty let down over Action Pro. I paid for it in good faith when it was in early beta stage and waited patiently for the updates. Following the post on here from FXHOME which attempted to address several months of non-development and the promise of a renewed release schedule, the subsequent lack of developer feedback and updates has led me to the conclusion that this tool is at the bottom of their priority list and effectively dead until that changes.

    Having bought every update for Hitfilm Pro since purchasing version 4, I would be pretty miffed if Action Pro was integrated into it as this would definitely render the money I paid for it a total waste.

  • @Chalky64 Agree... then Action Pro owners should get an equivalent discount on their next Hitfilm update.

  • Thanks for taking the time to post on the forum, everyone. I'm sorry that you're feeling let down by the release schedule of Action Pro. It's true that we haven't released much information about Action Pro since the last big update (version 1.0) on the 27th February 2019. However, we promise that we're working hard behind the scenes and that Action Pro will receive an update this summer.


  • I even purchased the Leap Motion product ready to dive into a project, yet it didn't come to pass and has now been removed from references as an option. I am still WAY interested.

    I think I have a way to create a Z dimension, I hope, by drawing a Z dimension and putting into the Z axis timeline. I hope. I've worked in mental 3D breaking it down into 3 separate. I can at least do two at one time now. What I also want to do is use a second set of axis for the front and back of an object. So if the first is the pathways, I can then take the second set an pin them to the front and back of a craft to create the tilt. Leap motion could erase hours. In fact, Leap Motion or some equivalent can help me actually begin a project. The task is too daunting for my availability as a dad, a researcher, work, volunteer, and sketch movie comedian/writer. I have several comedy projects that would make some of the harder elements fall right into place.

    I really can't wait, yet have for a long time.

    Leap motion isn't even usable right now. The software won't record the movements. I can see the hands and have things move, but the software does nothing.

    Show me that I AM THERE!!!!!!

  • I wont renew on this , I think they got this all wrong from start to finish. It was no where near a Alpha are Beta release and the development has been slow. For the price I paid its been underwhelming to say the least. They should have offered refunds on this. Outside of Hitfilm i wont touch another FxHome product after this.

  • @Rogyrue sadly I will have to agree with you....action pro had potential but it didn't meet my needs

  • I won't be renewing either - despite the recent email offering me 25% off the standard renewal price. The last year with Action Pro suggests that parting with another £47 (approx.) will not guarantee software updates - either in the Summer (as promised earlier in this thread) or even at all in the next 12 months.

    I too will be avoiding FXHOME products other than HitFilm. In fact, recent issues (and time spent/wasted) with HitFilm Pro 12 are making me consider switching to a product such as Davinci Resolve in the future (though the thought of having to recreate all my projects is currently stopping me from doing that).

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